Buffalo Phil’s passengers are thirsty for Adventure.

Buffalo Phil tells some of his stories from the field:

One New Year’s Eve day I was sent to the Broadmoor for a Foothills/Garden of the Gods tour. There I met two middle-aged ladies from south Florida, on a holiday getaway from their husbands. When they boarded the jeep one of the ladies – the one who booked the tour – spotted the cooler and asked if there were frozen margaritas inside.  I said, “Unfortunately no, but I like the way you think.”

This was a wintry day, with snow expected and, sure enough, as we headed up to the Short Line the snow came hard. Passenger Number One whipped out her cell phone and called her husband back in Florida: “You’ll never guess what. I’m in the middle of a snow storm in an open Jeep with a crazy cowboy named Buffalo Phil and I’m having a ball.”

We spent the rest of the tour bundled up, seeing the sights and telling jokes, and she rewarded me with a very generous tip.

[Another time] I had a group of gentlemen from Japan on board for a foothills Tour. Only one of them spoke any English at all (I think he had about a dozen words), and he rode shotgun and acted as interpreter.

Needless to say this was a bit of a difficult trip, with the translator trying to explain my explanations of what we were seeing. They were all in a good mood and seemed to enjoy the tour a great deal, and near the end they had a special request: to buy beer. I stopped at a liquor store on Colorado Ave. and let them go inside. Soon the interpreter came out and asked me to come in.

The guests were having quite a discussion with the store clerk around a stack of Bud Light 12-packs. Seems the clerk wouldn’t sell them beer without ID, which they didn’t have. The interpreter asked if I would buy it, and I agreed, but the clerk said he knew what was up and didn’t want to sell to me, either. We left.

Back in the Jeep I told the head guy to give me the money and I would go to another store and make the purchase. He have me a bunch of $20 dollar bills, I bought a bunch of Bud Light and he told me to keep the change as a tip.


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