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Rumors persist on the recent sightings of the missing payroll stagecoach that left Cripple Creek on July 21, 1881 with four passengers and a miners payroll of approximately $120,000.00 in gold dust. The stage driver, Silas Peabody, and his shotgun man “Big Stick”, a loyal Mescalero Apache, have been sighted recently in banks and bars in and around Manitou Springs and Old Colorado City trying to exchange the gold dust for drinks, Poker games, and cold cash.
The most recent sighting of the stage coach was in the vicinity in what is today Bancroft City Park, in Old Colorado City. The authorities were called in to retrieve the coach but by the time they arrived it was gone. Over the years the coach has been sighted on the Pikes Peak Highway during the Hill Climb, at Colorado College during prom and even back in Cripple Creek.
A $50,000 reward is still in effect for the return of the gold dust. Be on the lookout for Silas and his 1875 vintage Overland stagecoach, if sighted please do not approach, “Big Stick” is known for being the fastest shotgun man in the west, and not for his sense of humor. If seen please contact the authorities at once. If the coach is found you will claim your reward.
The strangest part of the whole story is that all four passengers, of Silas’s ill fated stage, arrived at the Colorado Springs Stage Depot the next morning with no recollection of how they got there, or what happened to the stage. The passengers said the coach had a foul smell about it and the ride was the smoothest they could remember.
JJ Montana reporting

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