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I’m Shakin’

No that’s just the Quakus Tremuloidus shaking in the breeze. The first settlers called the Aspen tree quakies because the way they do. When the wind blows down the canyons the unique 3 sided stem of the Aspen leaf causes the leaf to shimmer in the breeze.

Whatever it does to the tree it works because aspens are also known to be the world’s largest living organism. That’s right, the aspen grows a new tree from the roots every year. After 20-30 years an aspen grove can have thousands of trees covering an acre or more. All the trees in the grove are attached to each other and part of the same organism. In the fall our quakies put on a show. Each organism turns a slightly different shade of golden. When they start to shimmer and the leaves fall off, our Colorado hillsides are covered with dollar sized gold pieces. “There’s Gold in dem der hills!”

horse fall

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