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Colorado Springs: After 200 years of trying Zebulon Montgomery Pike has finally succeeded in climbing Pikes Peak, with a little help from his friends at Adventures Out West. Pike took part in this year’s bicentennial celebration by taking a Jeep Tour up the once un-scalable mountain. Pike commented on how professional his cowboy driver was, and is quoted as saying “This view is amazing, could their be another like it?” to which the unnamed cowboy said “Yep, you should see it from one of our hot-air balloons.” Well Pike still being the adventurer agreed that he would have to try flying now that he conquered Pikes Peak.
The morning of Pike’s flight he was understandably nervous considering that he had never flown in anything before. The pilot and crew eased Pike’s fears with their humor and knowledge of the balloon system and the weather. The last time he was upon these plains he was lost and hungry on a yearlong expedition of the west. Once airborne Pike marveled at the views of his “little” mountain and was moved to tears by a dream now realized, and that dream was to see the top of Pikes Peak. Now he had not only stood on the top, but he could also now see the top from his bird’s eye view from the basket. Although Pike was fascinated by the views of the peak he also could not help but marvel in the scenery and wildlife that was directly below him.
When asked if he had a good time on his trip Pike responded “This trip to Colorado Springs in my opinion is every bit as memorable as my first trip 200 years ago, but this trip has been made special by the pilot, crew, and tour drivers of Adventures Out West!”

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The Federal Aviation Administration issued a NOTAM (notice to air men) about flights in the Manitou Springs area.

Last week during the most recent sightings of Bigfoot, airplane piolets noticed a high degree of Magnetic deviation in the Manitou area. For years Manitou has been considered a hot bed of paranormal activity. Witches, Crystal gazers and even the Ute Indians believed Manitou had spiritual powers. Bigfoot uses Manitou all the time as a portal between universes. Under the bridge leading to the Garden of the Gods you will see the mysterious designs left behind by aliens passing through.

With the confirmation of the abnormal magnetic field by the FAA, the FAA and NASA have teamed up with local balloonist to try and find the portal with high-tech laser beams. They are going to use crystals found in the local granite and samples of the mineral waters to create a prism capable of opening the doors. As a precaution NASA has built a 300 million dollar doggie biscuit to give to big foot in case they come across him.

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Climber rescued in the Garden of the Gods

Two climbers were rescued recently after a day in the park turned scary. Apparently the two climbers ignored signs warning of the dangers of climbing in the park.

GOG Park has been a long time favorite climbing place for local Colorado Springs residents. The sandstone formation that makes up the park provides an unparalleled surface for climbing. The stone is similar to that of 100 grit sand paper. The rock sticks like glue to the rubber soles of climbing shoes and tennis shoes and sandals etc. It is very easy to find yourself 50 to 100 feet up in a short time. Coming down is not so easy. Climbers must sign in at the GOG Visitors Center attesting to their climbing ability and knowledge of the rock prior to climbing.

Every year in the height of tourist season Search and Rescue gets the opportunity to bag some game. Rescue teams are called to the Park to remove frozen climbers that have gotten stuck on a precarious ledge.

The climbers rescued this week were climbing on Balanced Rock, one of the most famous rocks in the park. The two climbers were attempting a never before climbed route on the bottom side of the Monolith. The pitch was rated 6.0, also called a ceiling route. This type of maneuver includes negotiating the tiny cracks of the rock while hanging upside down. The ultimate machismo in climbing is to do this without the security of a rope.

Concerned citizens called for the rescue when one of the climbers was unable to release his grip from the rock, frozen in fear. The lack of rope had brought many an onlooker to witness the feat. When Search and Rescue arrived the climber had been stuck for nearly 30 minutes. Unable to talk the climber down Search and Rescue prepared for an evacuation.

At that moment a child visiting the area from New York suggested that tickling the climber in his armpits might release his grip. The young girl walked around the rock to where the climber was and did just that. The climber screamed and laughed at the same time as he fell to the rock below. The young girl pointed out to the climber the sign warning of the dangers of rock climbing in the Garden of the Gods.