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Bigfoot sighting in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs: It started as a pleasant weekend drive for the Lambert family of Colorado Springs. Charlie, 38 and Susan, 37, had loaded the children, Kyle, 10, and Kayla, 12, into the family car for a drive in the foothills west of the city. They had driven up North Cheyenne Canyon and were headed down the Gold Camp Road back to town.

The drive had provided great views and fun for the family until they exited the old railroad tunnel #2. Their Family outing suddenly changed to an exciting adventure.

“As we left the tunnel, I noticed an open area to the left of the road,” explained Lambert. “Suddenly, I saw something moving in the bushes. I slammed on the brakes to get a better look. I just got a glimpse, but what I saw sent a chill up my spine.” He went on to describe a man-like or ape-like creature that he estimated to be better than seven feet tall, covered with hair, and walking on two legs. “At first I thought it was a tour guide from Adventures Out West, but by the time I could get my camera out, it was gone,” stated Lambert, “…and I wasn’t about to go into the woods after it.” He did leave the car, to his family’s terror, to see if he could find tracks the creature might have left. He said that he found no obvious evidence but that he did notice a foul smell in the air around where he saw the creature.

Was what Lambert saw, the fabled Big Foot, also known as a Sasquatch? Big Foot has been noted to roam the area. There have been numerous sightings of the beast on and around Pikes Peak. Colorado Division of Wildlife officers are looking into the incident but have made no public comment at this time.


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